It began in the basement of a home on Milwaukee’s East Side.  Created from a passion for the sport, an admiration of the human powered machine as well as it’s quality and engineering.  Northshore Wheels began offering specialty bikes to a select market, and soon people were making the drive from Chicago, Iowa, and other outlying areas to see our product.  Our passion could not be contained and we quickly grew into our first “brick & mortar” location. 

Since our original days we have expanded our breadth, but our original vision remains.  Northshore Wheels is your local bike store, giving you quality service from the same people year after year and bike after bike.  We are committed to our customers.  We pledge to remain small and doing so will allow us to offer better service and value to our customers and service to our community.  We do not advertise commercially.  Instead we market ourselves through our neighbors and customers. 

We demand from our vendors what our customers should demand from us, the highest quality products at reasonable prices and the best customer service.

About us

North Shore Wheels

A Bicycle Place

2211 E  Capitol Dr. Shorewood, WI      414-332-3060

a bicycle place, northshore wheels, store
a bicycle place, northshore wheels, store